Below you will find answers to question we get asked the most about our organization and its initiatives

Black UrbanismTO aims to increase the participation of Black people in community development to advance the collective cultural, economic and social interests in the neighbourhoods we call home. We want to be in communication with all levels of government around the priorities of Black community neighbourhoods to ensure we are properly consulted in development and constructions projects. Our goal as an organization is to work with Black communities to ensure that we build an ecosystem that sustains us and the neighbourhoods we call home.

BUTO’s first initiative  is in the neighbourhood of Little Jamaica, home to Toronto’s first Caribbean community with one of the highest concentrations of Black owned businesses, and churches in the country. With a recent City Council motion to create a Cultural District Plan for this essential ethnic enclave, BUTO plans to work with Black communities to ensure that we build an ecosystem that sustains us and the neighbourhoods we call home.

No! We are currently registered as a federal incorporated nonprofit organization.

We have 9 incredible executive members, you can view our profiles by clicking on our Meet The Team page

BUTO does not currently have a physical office location but we are hoping to acquire space within the coming months! 

You can send an email to or you can send us a direct message on any of our social media handles:

Instagram and Twitter: blackurbanismto

Facebook Page: Black Urbanism TO

All donations submitted through the website support the Black Business Grant GoFundMe, click on our Donations Page for further information. BUTO does not collect or utilize any donations for the organizations’ operations.

Click on the website link here, and you will be directed to the GoFundMe page!

Black business owners must apply to the grant through this application form. Our Working Group then evaluates applications based on need and whether you exist within the Little Jamaica catchment area. Businesses owners are notified via email if the application is successfully assessed.

Because this is a rolling application, businesses can apply for funding more than once. However, the working group will assess previous applications when evaluating a newly submitted application.

Unfortunately, the Black Business Grant is only for the Eglinton Ave West community. We recommend looking into the following organizations for funding if you fall outside of this catchment area: 



Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) 

Our social media is the best place to stay updated, please see our contact page here where you can click and follow all our handles! BUTO also has a newsletter that you can sign up for by clicking here.

You can sign up for our Newsletter! These newsletters will provide updates on our organization, events in the community,  business spotlight  resources and more! 

You can also fill out this Volunteer Form where we ask a few questions on your area of interest, your capacity and availability. We will reach out when we need volunteers for certain projects or events, so please stay tuned! 

Lastly, check out our Contact Us page where you can find our social media handles and email!