Reports + Insights

Discover BUTO’s illuminating reports, each telling a compelling story of the challenges faced by marginalized Black communities, particularly in iconic neighborhoods like “Little Jamaica” on Eglinton West. Explore the historical impact of infrastructure projects and planning studies on these vibrant communities, gaining a fresh perspective on the struggles they endure. Unearth the narratives, grasp the context, and join us in advocating for concrete actions that propel progress and empowerment in Black communities.


BUTO's reports vividly unravel the historical tapestry of Black communities' displacement, capturing the impact of immigration waves and the persistent struggle for recognition.


Beyond historical analysis, BUTO's reports actively contribute to a future of recognition and justice, engaging communities through initiatives, consultation series to catalyze progress and empowerment.

The Future of Housing In Little Jamaica and York South-Weston

'The Future of Housing' showcased Black residents' perspectives on the affordable housing crisis and transit's impact on Little Jamaica and York-South Weston.

Unveiling insights, shaping business narratives and community perspectives.

In 2020, BUTO and University of Toronto students explored community control amid growth

Policy Report: Waiving Supplier Diversity Certification Fees for Minority-Owned Business Enterprises

BUTO and University of Toronto's School of Cities recommend enhancements to Toronto's Social Procurement Program.