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We address listener-submitted questions, comments and concerns about all aspects of working from home. With new episodes dropping every Wednesday, this podcast,
which has been running since 2017, is described on Apple Podcasts as “one of
the top future of work podcasts.” Episodes vary in length from around 30
minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. These remote work podcasts will help boost your productivity and give you the tools to be efficient on your own schedule. Host Sondre Rasch is the CEO and co-founder of SafetyWing, an insurance company for nomads built by a team of remote, distributed nomads. He uses his expertise to ask smart questions of remote professionals to get to the core of what makes remote work successful.

Featuring 12 more episodes focusing, once again, on individual songs, it’ll be out in February 2024. Organizational psychologist Adam Grant investigates how science can explain work-related stuff like procrastination, workplace burnout, etc. In short, it’s a great podcast to find alternative and inspirational perspectives to deal with stress while working from home. Her new podcast was designed to address the fact that many
people are working from home for the first time in the new era of social
distancing, and to provide guidance around this new reality. The podcasts options below are specifically intended for a remote work audience.

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In this podcast, she gets into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to build, scale, and sell blogs. She really knows her stuff and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in working remotely by starting their own online business. By implementing even a few strategies into their workday, entrepreneurs and startup founders can level up their leadership skills and stay on top of business priorities.

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And what I discovered as I launched my own business was that remote work is the great equalizer and a powerful catalyst for change. In fact, McKinsey reports that today, women are leaving their https://remotemode.net/blog/8-remote-work-podcasts-to-check-out-if-you-wfh/ jobs faster than ever before, often citing that they're overworked, underpaid and unable to advance. For women of color, lower economic status or disabilities, the situation is even more dire.

projects, and podcast, and putting a plan on paper, ep. 12

He covers topics such as overcoming procrastination, bouncing back from rejection, and preventing workplace burnout. As we head into Q2 of 2021, many of us still find ourselves working from home (for better or for worse). Listening to podcasts can be a fun break from the mundane of the day-to-day, and what’s more, it can be a great resource for optimizing our work and maximizing our productivity. When the closer-than-expected game finally appeared in hand, the fourth-year Razorbacks coach said it was time to focus on the ground game and getting better blocking up front the rest of the way. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is hosting some of tech's most influential leaders as lawmakers consider regulation. Remote work can break down those borders and widen the pool of candidates beyond physical and figurative borders.

While some of these are “officially” considered remote work podcasts and others are general business podcasts, each in the list below offers something valuable to the WFH discussion. Podcast listenership has grown exponentially over the past decade, with over 51% of Americans listening to podcasts, and 32% of Americans listening to at least one podcast in the previous month. They offer an easy way to learn new things on the go and use time for growth and development that would have otherwise been spent listening to music or talking on the phone.

The Work from Home Podcast

Upon clicking submit, our team will review your request to claim this podcast. If approved, your user
profile will automatically have this podcast within it for you to manage going forward. A podcast about starting a business with AdvoCare by sharing stories of the champions in the business. Go on an educational adventure with Neil deGrasse Tyson and learn some in-depth science about stuff you may take for granted every day.

  • Because traditional company models are primarily run by privileged men of a certain age, who appear to feel their positions of power are threatened by women, people of color or the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Because candidates don't always begin from the same starting line.
  • Working from home allows you to be productive at the time that works best for you.

Even when we aren't amid a global health crisis, parents still have to parent. In today's society of primarily two-income households, parenting responsibilities — in heterosexual relationships — still fall more frequently to women who give up time from their day to ensure their children are thriving. As it turned out, the workplace I designed wasn't an actual space at all — it was a virtual space.

AWS vs Azure vs GCP Which One Should I Learn?

Scaling azure cloud engineer solutions to match the business’s changing needs. CompTIA is here to help you every step of way in earning the best cloud computing certification for you.Learn more here. Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer can get technicians into the field.

Top 16 Microsoft Azure certifications to expedite your IT career - CIO

Top 16 Microsoft Azure certifications to expedite your IT career.

Posted: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Many organizations are reaping the benefits of using cloud services offered by Azure and many are planning to adopt it. The worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will increase significantly over the next few years and Azure seems to have a bright future. Candidates must have working experience with infrastructure as code, security operations processes, cloud capabilities, and Azure services. The Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian versions of below Microsoft Azure certification exams will be retired on February 28, 2023. This means that after this date, these exams will no longer be available in those languages.


You will obtain the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification if you pass the AZ-303 and AZ-304 examinations. This learning route is structured similarly to the AZ-500 exam, examining your knowledge in four different subject areas. This Learning Path is intended to assist you and your team prepares for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test AZ-900. The Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals credential is awarded to candidates who pass the AZ-900 exam.

Which Azure certification is highest paid?

AZ-305 Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. According to the Global Knowledge 2021 IT Skills and Salary Survey, this is one of the highest-paying certifications. Azure Solutions Architect Expert, AZ-305, is an expert-level certification. AZ-305 exam replaced AZ-303 and AZ-304 on 31st March 2023.

You can take any exam you like in any order, and it is recommended that you start of with the AWS Cloud Practitioner, to build a good basis of knowledge. From there you can go down any path and get as many or as few certifications as you like. Microsoft’s cloud provider boasts an impressive host of different services and offerings – and offers a fantastic place to start any cloud-based workloads. CompTIA Cloud+ is considered by staffing firms, colleges and IT publications to be one of the best cloud computing certifications. It is vendor neutral and complimentary to any vendor-specific cloud certification.

Data Science Training Masters Program

It is intended for both technical and non-technical candidates. Azure Security Engineer manages identity and access, implements security controls and threat protection, and protects data, applications, and networks in the cloud. The Azure Security Engineer knows networking, virtualization, and cloud N-tier architecture to propose various security solutions to overcome any vulnerability or threat. If you’re looking for a solid career in cloud computing, check out Simplilearn’s Azure Cloud Architect Master’s program. The course helps you master the Azure infrastructure by understanding Azure Cloud Architect Technology Solutions, such as implementing workloads and security, creating and deploying apps, and securing data.

Get more insights, news, and assorted awesomeness around all things cloud learning. Get started with ACG today to transform your career with courses and real hands-on labs in Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and beyond. And wherever you are in your Azure adventure, stay up to date on all the latest Azure news with our original series Azure This Week.

Azure Certification Courses for Systems Administrators

The goal of DevOps is automation — a thing that Azure does exceptionally well. These Azure courses were designed to help anyone, including DevOps professionals, learn Azure automation tools.

Some of the sectors that are seeing a high demand for Azure certification holders include health, finance, and e-commerce. This in turn saves them money, while improving the overall speed and quality of service provided. And these are just a few of the benefits of getting a Microsoft Azure certification. There is more that comes with being a certified professional. For an aspiring IT professional, or even current specialists looking to advance their skills or career, there is no doubt that the largest sectors in the market require cloud computing professionals. This certification is for administrators, architects, and engineers migrating SAP solutions to the cloud. Moving forward, expect to see more specialty certifications focused on the pain points of moving on-premises solutions to Azure.

That’s all about the best Azure Certifications you can aim for in 2023. The Microsoft Azure certification recognizes one’s basic knowledge of cloud services and methods of providing essential services with the cloud. To obtain this certification, one must demonstrate a profound understanding of cloud concepts, along with services offered by Azure, security, workloads, pricing, privacy, and support. With Microsoft enjoying an effective monopoly in the personal computer OS market, most users will be familiar with the Windows operating system. In fact, professionals are eager to learn Azure and step into this promising career option. The knowledge of the working principles of Azure is beneficial for a number of cloud computing jobs.

  • The exam aims for maximum depth, ensuring the professional knows everything in the category and deals with even the most complex problems.
  • Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference has become an Azure-centric event, and the company assures users that the features and use-cases for Azure will only expand in coming years.
  • Microsoft is one of the largest and fastest-growing players in the public cloud market.
  • It is not necessary to complete the Fundamentals Certification first.
  • Management tasks such as provisioning and deployment of data services and using query techniques in SQL‍.