Jamaicans have made significant contributions to Canadian culture, particularly in the areas of music, food, and sports. Jamaican music, in particular, has had a profound impact on Canadian culture, with reggae and dancehall becoming popular genres in the country. Jamaican-Canadian musicians, such as Kardinal Offishall and Snow, have also made significant contributions to the Canadian music industry.

Jamaican food has also become an important part of Canadian cuisine, with dishes such as jerk chicken and beef patties gaining popularity. Jamaican restaurants and food trucks are now a common sight in many Canadian cities, and Jamaican cuisine has become a beloved part of Canadian culinary culture.

Jamaican athletes have also had a significant impact on Canadian sports, with Canadian-born Jamaican athletes, such as sprinter Donovan Bailey and bobsledder Lascelles Brown, representing Canada on the world stage. Jamaican-Canadian athletes have also made contributions to sports outside of track and field, with former NHL player Graeme Townshend being the first Jamaican-born hockey player to play in the NHL. Overall, Jamaican contributions have added to the cultural diversity of Canada, enriching Canadian culture in a myriad of ways.